Client Testimonials

Client: Buyer, July 2017

Robin exceeded our expectations at every turn. From the way she handled our initial questions and concerns, to the fantastic staging process, through the very last day, she was there 110%. Robin and Tracy are a dream team. I would recommend them to anyone!

Client: Buyer, December 2016

She went above and beyond in every way. This turned out to be an extremely difficult, drawn out transaction that could have fallen apart many times over the course of 8 full months and Robin was the glue that held it together every step of the way. She was absolutely spectacular.

Client: Seller, April 2016

Client: Seller, April 2016
"Robin always acts with integrity. She has excellent and transparent communication."
Robin was amazing. Great information and advice on home selections an helped u out at the time of
closing to make our out-of-state transition go smoothly. I feel that she was very honest,
knowledgeable, and straight forward in her approach and we loved that she was not the pushy sales

Client: Buyer, December 2015

When we had some issues that held up the transfer, Robin did a great job keeping us informed and
up to date with any new information. Very professional and a pleasure to work with!

Client: Seller, October 2015

Robin is a smart, well-connected, ethical and client-focused agent. She has a firm grasp of the real
estate market, the related law, and financial considerations involved in purchasing a home. She made
the transaction happen as a result of dedicating a significant amount of time and effort. This was after
many months of showing us. houses and demonstrating patience and care throughout

Client: Buyer, April 2015

Beyond Robin's knowledge of Portland neighborhoods, she stayed flexible while we defined our
search. Her legal background assured us we'd bee proceeding ahead with the right action.

Client: Buyer, April 2014

Robin worked overtime and from across state lines, working with an uncooperative seller's agent
with style and grace. She made me feel comfortable with my decision and answered every phone
call, email and text promptly.

Client: Seller, May 2013

I have referred Robin to all of my friends even considering buying or selling.